Kyle C. Sullivan

JOBS: All of them

Kyle makes stuff and doesn't do anything else, ever. He specializes in writing and storytelling, and out of necessity, picked up skills in illustration, animation, cinematography, editing, special effects, web design, costume design, prop building, and 3D modelling along the way. He has made great use of this knowledge by devoting all his time to making internet videos.

Kyle Head

Ian Conn

JOBS: Writer, Actor, Acronym Generator

After spending many years studying language, Latin, and Greek classics at Baylor University, Ian now acts as a general advisor on Door Monster affairs, co-writes some of our scripts, and provides insightful and humorous commentary to both things that need it and things that don't. He also frequently plays whatever role hasn't been cast yet.

Ian Head

Jon Currie

JOBS: Actor, Kerbal

Jon is currently enlisted in the U.S. Army and stationed in Oklahoma. One of our first crew members, he helped with the creation of many early projects that were not good and were never released. Thanks to Oklahoma sucking enough to justify a regular six-hour drive back to Austin, he has finally been able to participate in more recent videos.

Jon Head

Reid Sullivan

JOBS: Prop Maker, Uncomfortable Costume Filler

You may not recognize Reid as that silent guy with a covered face and guns from any number of our videos. His more common contributions are inspiring skit ideas, designing and building props and weaponry for various characters, and inciting the rage of local police departments. He is currently studying 3D design at Baylor University.

Reid Head

Ricky Linn

JOBS: Actor, Idea Supplier, Idea Critic

Ricky exists mostly in a parallel universe and has limited contact with our own. But sometimes he'll manage to get a transmission through, drop a few genius skit ideas, tell us why ours are bad, and then vanish back into the ether. On the rarest of occasions, he'll even materialize in the physical plane and make an appearance in a video or two.

Ricky Head

JP De Ovando

JOBS: Composer, Actor

JP is our in-house musician and can sing even better than the rest of us can't. He has composed all original Door Monster music, including "Living Forever," the track that accompanies the end plates of all our Youtube videos. He is also a recurring actor in both our weekly shorts and large-scale projects.

JP Head

Jefferey Neely

JOBS: Undercover Professional Actor, Immortal

Jefferey is a regular actor in our projects and denies being good at it just as often. He plays a wide range of different characters in addition to one recurring role that we refer to as "Jefferey, but confused by things." He also got us our lighting kit at a completely unfair discount, which is why we kind of look like we know what we're doing most of the time.

Jefferey Head

Ethan Gelinas

JOBS: Actor, Assistant Cinematographer

Ethan took animation lessons from Kyle for several years, and initially assisted with podcast production. He's now a regular actor in our weekly videos, our go-to cohost of things that need cohosting, and the answer to the question, "How do we make this camera move without programming a robot tripod?"

Ethan Head

Rachel Butcher

JOBS: Actor, Production Assistant

Rachel has acted in several of our most popular videos, including Doing Something About Gandhi and KSP: Rescue Mission. When she's not acting, she's often helping out behind the scenes, or at least standing somewhere behind the scenes and taking lots of pictures for our Instagram account. And then more for her own Instagram account.

Rachel Head

Joey Basham

JOBS: Actor, Producer, Impact Absorber

Joey was a producer, location scout, general production assistant, and several other things on The Guards Themselves. After being punched in the head repeatedly during his role as "faceless henchman," he decided to continue helping with our projects until officially joining the crew three years later.

Joey Head

Allison Devery

JOBS: DP, Color Corrector, Prop Goblin

One day we discovered Allison in our attic and offered her food to drop things on Ian's head. We later found that she was highly skilled in photography and coloring, and so now she helps us make our videos look pretty and professional, as long as we keep giving her more food. She also does acting sometimes.

Allison Head